Residential Movers

A residential move is a move within Montreal and its surrounding areas. Moves to Laval and the South Shore of Montreal are included in this area. Pricing is calculated based on an hourly rate for a service that includes 2-3 men and a 18 or 22-foot truck.

We also offer packing services to our clients, at competitive prices.

Residential moving
Commercial moving

Commercial Movers

We are just as attentive to our commercial clients as we are to our residential clients. Our specialty is small and medium-sized businesses. As a small business ourselves, we know exactly what you are looking for:

  • Personalized and flexible service.
  • Competitive pricing, hourly or flat rate, and a visit to your business to assess your needs.
  • A long-term business relationship, because you have other things to do than search for suppliers.

We are aware of the impact that relocating your business can have on your daily operations. In addition to taking care of the disassembly, transportation, and safe installation of equipment, we ensure that all aspects of the move are planned to minimize downtime for your operations.

Commercial moving

Moving Long Distance

Beyond a radius of 50 kilometers from Montreal, a move will be considered “long distance”. Pricing is based on an hourly rate when the job can be completed in the same day, otherwise a flat fee will be charged for longer jobs. For example, a move to Toronto or elsewhere in Canada will generally be billed as an all-inclusive package, while a move to Quebec will most often be billed by the hour.

You can trust us with your belongings for long-distance moves with peace of mind.

Long distance truck
White piano

Piano Moving

We understand the variety of pianos and their approximate value. Moving a piano is a meticulous and delicate process that requires a lot of attention from the movers and many details provided beforehand by the estimator who came to your home to assess the complexity of the job.

Déménagement Porte-à-Porte is a trusted moving company that handles expensive moving projects with great care and responsibility.

When it comes to piano moving, we particularly refer to:

  • Upright piano moving
  • Grand piano moving
White piano

Furniture and Appliances Delivery Service

Based in Montreal, the “Porte à Porte” moving company is proud to serve all residents of Quebec with a specialized furniture and appliances delivery service. Our commitment is to ensure that your valuable items arrive at their destination in perfect condition, safely, and efficiently.

delivery service

Last-Minute Moving Service

In life, unforeseen circumstances occur. Whether you need to move urgently due to an unexpected job opportunity, personal situation, or any other event, the “Porte à Porte” company is here to support you. With our specialized last-minute moving service, you can rely on a responsive and dedicated team to make your transition a success, even in urgent situations.

Professional Packing Service

The success of a move depends not only on transportation but also on how your belongings are prepared and packed. Located in the heart of Montreal, the “Porte à Porte” company provides you with a professional packing service that ensures each of your items is protected and ready for the big day.

We move you, not just your boxes!

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